In order to articulate the spread of ideas, at the core of this exhibition, we created a system to generate visuals which involved converting text mining data points into three dimensional space on an X Y Z axis.


We fed books/articles relevant to each sub identity (archive, performance and text) into the text mining software which gave us an Excel spreadsheet of numerical information, gathering three separate columns, We then placed this information in 3D graph software which gave us the placement of the dots.


Each subidentity is one of the colours in the graphs (red, blue and green). For example blue is 'Archive' (ie Nollaig Molloy's Cite).  Essentially these visuals are a mapping of ideas. The motion graphics are an example of these ideas spreading. Each point in the graph moves, dispersing into unexpected areas using a physics simulation.



Is an exhibition identity for Catalyst Arts, using 3D graphs to visualise how Ideas spread and propagate.