Pour entire bucket of water on plant. / Read aloud text received from one online session. / Exit Performance, Leaving audience alone. / Refill Bucket with water.

By abstracting the activity of going on the internet. The information usually obtained from a session on the internet can be viewed through a critical understanding. The information can be engaged with at a distance and the action of passivley engaging in social media, online articles and other internet activities re-evaluated. Through speaking aloud while on the internet the information is broadcast without the visual stimulus distorting an otherwise semi-concious narrative to the audience.


This narrative without a visual engagement means the audience can abstract the information just enough to interpret its importance for their growth. Critically assessing which information paths are important for gathering and which are not important for growth. Pouring an entire bucket of water on a plant at the beginning and the end of the performance visualises just how much information was received from that length of time. If we are to perceive information as one of the most vital ingredients for growth than an overabundance of such may infact be harmful. at the end of the performance the audience is left alone with the laptop while the performer fills up the bucket presenting them all together alone but all together as they are when they are on the internet.