Flaxmill are a sustainable linen weaving mill in Co. Derry, Ireland run by Herman and Marion Baur. They came to Ireland from Germany in an attempt to revive the art of traditional Irish Linen. The Flaxmill Chair is an attempt to associate this linen mill in Co. Derry with contemporary Irish Design.


The design itself allows two individuals to sit at the same time, relating flaxmills community orientated ideology as well as allowing a single user to recline with the large arm rest turning into a backrest, and the lower becoming a footrest. The chair is an attempt to be a  presentation of the material and bring a direct connection with the it. The backrest being simply a  frame allows the individual to be housed and cradled by the material as opposed to the material being an aspect of the design, this design attempts to heighten the beauty of the material.


Flaxmill Chair

is an attempt to associate sustainable Irish linen with contemporary Irish design.